Love At First Launch

When a user launches the app for the first time, surfacing the most relevant collections and products helps improve conversion rate. In the first version of the iOS and Android app that I designed, the onboarding met this business requirement but did not provide a great user experience. There was a 10% drop off in the onboarding flow.


I redesigned the onboarding for the Android app along with the homepage revamp.


I conducted a guerrilla usability test, with the old onboarding flow, on a handful of mothers who had never used the app before. From watching mothers interact with the app firsthand and by looking at data, I concluded that a significant number of the mothers were cautious about the information they provided about their children. Some would drop off while others would provide junk information. 

Mockups - App onboarding 1.0
Mockup - Old onboarding flow

Through an iterative design process, I quickly moved between paper and digital prototyping, testing prototypes with users, and collaborating with the product manager to ensure that business objectives were met. 

I re-designed the onboarding flow with these key things in mind:

  • Do not ask intrusive questions.
  • Request minimal information that is enough to surface relevant collections.
  • Incorporated dismissible nudges to highlight key features.

The re-design of the onboarding flow reduced the drop off from 10% to 2%. 

App onboarding 2.0
Mockup - New onboarding flow


Another aspect to the onboarding is introducing and familiarizing repeat users with new features in the app. I designed the feature page and nudges to draw attention and be informative.

Single feature card prototype
Prototype - Single feature
Multiple feature cards prototype
Prototype - Multiple features
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