Don’t Make Me Call

The objective of the “Don’t make me call” initiative was to work on projects that would empower the user by adding critical features to the apps and website so that they would not have to rely on customer support. As a result, it would also help reduce the number of calls and emails directed at the customer support and thereby lighten the load on the team.


I spearheaded the UX research efforts to identify the pain points resulting in customer calls to the support team. I collaborated with a product manager and the customer support manager to create a  product roadmap to improve the user experience. I then designed product solutions to solve the key issues.


I started with a comprehensive exercise to document the pain points in the user experience which prompted users to contact customer support. I listened in on customer calls for a couple of days to get a better understanding of the problems faced by the users. I also sought data on calls and emails received by the support team over the previous 3 months. Based on this, I created personas and defined the user experience map with opportunities to inform and support the user.

User experience map

I worked with the product manager to narrow it down to 3 actionable items to solve for.

  • Order cancellation, returns and tracking.
  • Communication of delivery dates and pre-order awareness.
  • Help Center

Order cancellation

Low fidelity wireframes

12% of customer support emails and calls were order cancellation requests. It was a broken customer experience as customers could not cancel an order or item themselves without having to contact us. Additionally, there was a lot of human effort from the customer support, operations and accounts team to handle these request manually.

I designed a cross platform solution that would:

  • Allow customers to cancel their orders.
  • Support partial cancellation of items and quantities in a shipment. 

For this project, I quickly jumped from low fidelity wireframes to the visual design in order to rapidly ship this feature to the user. 

The launch of this project resulted in an 8% drop in tickets raised to the customer support team.

Mockups with user flow - Order cancellation

Communicating delivery dates 

Another pain point was that standard delivery timelines were displayed for users irrespective of their location. Due to logistical constraints, delivery estimates varied greatly from one region to the other. I designed a cross platform solution to effectively communicate delivery timelines for all users based on their location. In the Product page I added a delivery section where the user could check the delivery timeline for a product by selecting one of their saved address or by entering a pin code.

Mockups - Delivery timelines based on user’s pin code

The delivery information was hidden below the fold and could be overlooked by the user so I also included it in the size selection flow. I designed 3 versions to display this information in the size selection bottom sheet and created prototypes for each version. I ran a small guerrilla usability test on 2 of the prototypes with 16 mothers. I found that 6 out of 8 mothers were able to accurately recall the delivery dates for the prototype that progressively disclosed delivery information when a user selected a size. We successfully shipped this version to our users.

Mockups - Progressive disclosure of information in size selection

Pre-order awareness  

One of the biggest challenges we faced at Hopscotch was introducing the concept of “pre-order” to first time shoppers. Pre-order products generally take 4-5 weeks to deliver as they are shipped from international vendors. Users would realise this about a week after placing an order and call customer support to find out why the delivery would take so long. 60% of these users would then go on to cancel their order.

To solve this issue through design, I added a “Why the wait?” link next to the delivery timeline for     pre-order products in the Product page which opened a page containing easily digestible information about why a product may have a long delivery time. This page proved to be a very effective means of education and we saw a 32% drop in the number of cancellations. The calls and emails to customer support regarding pre-order deliveries also dropped from 12% to 3%.

Mockups - Product Details and About Pre-order page on iOS app
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